Logan Pilcher found solace in creativity at a young age. Never fitting into the academia mold, Logan’s family encouraged him to pursue art—something for which he’d already shown aptitude and passion. It was a discipline that quickly pervaded every aspect of his life. From that moment forward, Logan never stopped to consider what a life without music would look like. But it wasn’t until venturing away from home that he came to realize his own musical identity. One of profound vulnerability in the face of joy and hardship. 

Logan’s songs find their inspiration in his own personal experiences. Each of which do the job of transcribing authentic moments of truth, imbued with innocence. With sounds evocative of the early works of Tom Petty and Leonard Cohen, Logan’s earthy, layered tones and finger-style acoustic picking both tranquilize and wake the spirit. His lyrics tell a story of unapologetic love in the face of doubt and adversity. With each composition highlighting a unique reservation, combated with reckless hope.